Thursday, March 11, 2010


This afternoon, it was so warm and sunny in our backyard that I let the big kids play in the sandbox while Elizabeth was napping. For those who don't know, Anna loves the sandbox, but this has not always been the case. When we first got it, she was about 18 months old I would say. Those first months, she wouldn't get in at all. She did not care for the mess, so she played at arm's length. One day she suddenly surprised us all by climbing in. Within minutes she was pouring buckets over her head, and even laying in the sand. That's how Anna is--there's not much middle ground with her. She dives into everything full of gusto, or she refuses completely.

We opened the lid and started digging around and were quite pleasantly surprised to find her collection of Little Green Man erasers. She bought them for herself at the Disney Store last year. They are so cute. There were about 10 of them and they came in a plastic space shuttle. Well, we have only had a couple of those green men in the house all winter. I've looked for them, but they never turned up. Anna was so excited to see those little things. Poor guys--they were taken out to the box for some fun in the sun one afternoon. Little did we know that would be the last time all season.

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