Sunday, June 14, 2009

I have two hands!

It seems that time is flying by lately. In passing through the day, I will think, 'I should blog about this' but then when I actually have the time to sit at the desk for a bit, I completely forget everything I want to share. So it goes for a mommy...

Elizabeth turned 6 months old last week. She is as beautiful as ever and loves eating baby food! She is growing well and getting stronger. She is finally rolling over both directions on her own and can pull herself around on the floor a bit.

Chris is now playing Tuesday basketball with my brother. This is very nice for me because now we will make a weekly trip to visit my parents and sister. I would usually go up there that often by myself but it is very nice to have Chris make the drive with us. This week my Mom is planning to keep Anna for a couple of days by herself afterwards. It will be the first time she has stayed away alone so that is a little sad, but I must say that I am a little looking forward to how quiet our house will probably be. I know I will miss her so much though!

Chris camped out with Scott and Anna in the yard on Friday night. It was so sweet how excited they were about this. Anna had some stuffed animals she wanted to take with her and I had purchased each of them a box of candy to have as a treat for their campout. I had also picked up a decorative bird pillow on clearance at Wal-mart for Anna so of course she had to take this along also. She was already holding the stuffed animals and candy so I offered to have Daddy carry the pillow for her. She would not hear of this and tried to pick up the pillow herself. Each time she reached for it, she dropped on of her other things. I offered again to have Daddy help her and she said to me "I have two hands, I can carry it!" Her outlook contrasts so much with Scott's. He never will carry any more that two items no matter how small because he only has two hands.

To finish off our week, we ventured to a drive-in theater last night. The kids were so excited, especially Anna who had never been to the theater before. The girls were happy waiting for the movie to start.

We saw Up and Night at the Museum 2. We really enjoyed both movies. We took homemade snacks and blankets and lawn chairs. Unfortunately, we forgot the pillows. This mistake, I believe, let to both kids staying up through both movies. The second show didn't end until 1:30! They both really enjoyed Up and sat through it all. Do they look tired at all while watching?

They were going absolutely crazy through the second movie. I believe this was mostly to keep themselves awake. Despite how late it was, it was a really enjoyable time and we will definitely do it again.
We don't have anything nearly as exciting planned for this week, but you never know what can happen!