Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, the lasagna dinner wasn't quite as bad as I dreaded, I mean anticipated. Scott ate a little and only complained a couple times that he didn't want to. Anna didn't eat, but she was not feeling that well (she's usually a good eater). It was fine with me because she just simply said she wouldn't eat, and didn't. No filibustering or crying about it. So, we survived that, and last night's fried chicken. Tonight will probably not be an issue because I'm not feeling well. I frankly wouldn't care if they ate cookies and peanut butter (straight from the jar) for dinner.

In other news, we ordered and received Wii Fit Plus for our Wii this week. It came Wednesday, but I've only had a chance to use it once (babies at your feet and virtual-exercising don't really mix). I really enjoyed myself, though, and actually felt a burn and an increase in heart-rate. I'm sure I would've felt more if I had done the strength or yoga activities instead of just the fun ones! I'm really looking forward to trying out the feature that lets you build your own routine and using it regularly. Chris has used it a bit more and he really likes it as well. If you have a Wii, I would highly recommend it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dinner Time

Ugh...I hate dinner time. Don't get me wrong--I feel strongly that it's important to have dinner as a family. In our house, a pleasant dinner time does not come easily.

There is a perfectly lovely lasagna baking in the oven right now. Yes, I did make it. No, I'm not trying to toot my own horn. :) So, it's still 45 minutes from the dreaded time of sitting down and having food in front of us. For the next 45 minutes, I will be asked countless times some assortment of the following questions:

"Can I just have a hot dog for dinner?" Never mind that a hot dog was absolutely unacceptable at lunch time.

"Do I like lasagna?" Well, let's see, you like spaghetti, and lasagna is basically just spaghetti with sauce. And mozzarella cheese. Which is wonderful when it's on pizza. Oh, and speaking of pizza, there's that red sauce again. Although spaghetti and pizza are two favorites, I'm betting I can't convince the child asking the question that yes, they probably will like lasagna.

"I'm not hungry. Do I have to eat dinner?" Well, honey, that's fine if you're not hungry. Do you anticipate being hungry for a snack after dinner? Oh, you do? Then maybe you should eat dinner first. Oh, you're not hungry again?

Once dinner is actually served, I imagine that family conversation about the events of the day will be replaced with some combination of the following statements:

"I really don't like it. No, I didn't try it, but it doesn't smell good."

"It tastes different." Different than what? I can't tell you; there's never an answer for that.

"If you're not going to eat it, fine. Let's just stop whining about the food through the whole meal!"

"Can I just eat 3 bites? Ok, how about 4?"

"Can I get up now? I"m full?" This often comes after the second bite.

"No snack later?!? Fine, I'll eat more bites."

And I'm sure there will be more.

How do you handle dinner challenges in your house? Even if your dinner is absolutely peaceful and your children are always appreciative of the food, you can make something up, just to make me feel better!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where does our food come from?

We had a fascinating conversation with Anna the other day about animals and the food we eat. She began by asking us if we knew that there are real pet shops. She had apparently just realized that a pet shop was not a place made up by Hasbro for the sake of a toy line. We responded that we do, in fact, know about pet shops. She proceeded to list the kinds of animals one could discover at a pet shop. Among others, these included dogs, cats, cows, and chickens.

Just to tease, her dad told her that this was where we went to get the chickens we eat. I expected her to be upset about this, but she wasn't at all. She was sure this was a joke. After all, she says, those are chicken animals, and we don't eat animals; we eat food! She said, 'See, I'll show you,' and ran off to get her Leapster. She brought up a picture of a chicken, and said, 'See that's a chicken.' I asked whether that chicken was an animal or food; she laughed and said it was an animal. I guess it was supposed to be obvious. In a way she's did not look at all like the chicken we buy in the grocery store!