Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's going on?

Really, nothing much. We've been on the go the last couple weekends grocery shopping, visiting family, working on the yard. Chris tilled the whole back up (we've been having trouble getting any grass to grow back there) over Memorial Day weekend. There is already grass coming in. It looks like it may be coming in better than it ever did, so that is a hopeful sign! The children are busy today playing with some old toys from Chris' parents attic. They've been unloading all their accumulated stuff onto us and Chris's sister. Well, o.k., honestly it's actually all Chris's accumulated stuff--they're just emptying their attic out. So, Scott and Anna are enjoying their new Star Wars action figures. These are not really the kind of things I would buy, but free toys are always greatly appreciated. And although they've been pretty well entertained with those, it is Tuesday, so there must be some misbehavior. Today, it was pretty mild, just a bit of an inconvenience. Anna completely emptied and separated the perforation and then wadded two entire boxes of diaper wipes. I tried to diligently fold them back up so they would fit nicely back into the containers. That was taking way too long though so I gave up and just crammed the wads back into the box. Please don't report me to the mommy police for using diaper wipes that have been wadded up and thrown all over the floor!!

In other news, we've been making homemade ice cream this week. I've had an ice cream maker for a while and I love it! For some reason I never got around to making any ice cream last year. Anyway, yesterday I made Strawberry Banana and it was delicious! Today I have some vanilla custard chilling in the refrigerator and will be churning it later. Tomorrow I will post recipes and hopefully rave about how delicious our vanilla was!