Friday, April 24, 2009

How long has it been?

So I can't even remember without checking how much time has gone by since the last post. Spring is in full force and we are enjoying it fiercely!

We had a very nice Easter. We spent the day with Chris's family and we all pitched in and got the kids weather appropriate gifts--a new bike for Scott and a new scooter for Anna. She really loves it!

Chris had the following week off and we made our attempt at potty training Anna. Long story short, she is not ready. We spent a couple days going to the toilet at regular, short intervals. She never did anything in the bathroom, but almost every time, within five minutes of leaving, she would have an accident. I do think the trial helped raise her awareness of her functions and am confident that at the end of next month, or beginning of June, we will give it a go again and be successful.

This week we still have not gotten back into a full routine. Chris had to go to Columbus overnight on Wednesday. Since Tuesday was my nieces birthday, the kids and I just spent Tues and Wed night with my Mom.

We went out with my Mom yesterday and picked out some plants. We've lived here for almost two years and haven't finished our front yard landscaping. We've worked on it gradually. Now that I have a plan, things are starting to come together. Mom got me a hydrangea as an early (just slightly) birthday gift and of course the kids wanted their own plants. They each picked out an Impatient and were so excited to get them home and plant.

Anna was so tired on the way home from Mamaw's that she slept right away. When we stopped at Walmart to pick up some potting soil, I looked back and noticed that she was sleeping with her flower. It was the sweetest thing, I had to make sure I got a picture.

This morning we went out and potted their new little flowers. They were so proud to be able to do the watering themselves.

We are looking forward to enjoying a nice spring weekend at home. We have a bit more planting to do and some other yardwork, but mostly will just be playing out in the nice weather!