Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scott did it!

After letting the issue rest for the afternoon, I began to ask a few questions this evening about Anna's hair cut. I asked her why she would cut her hair, not really expecting to get much of an answer. She responded first by telling me that the scissors cut her hair. I acknowledged that, yes, she did indeed use scissors. Then she said, very simply, "Scotty did it." I was a bit surprised, as this was the first time he had been mentioned in connection with the incident. So, knowing that she could be making this up, I turned to him and asked him if he did. He told me that he had, in fact, been the one to cut most of her hair! I was quite stunned, as it would not have occurred to me in a million years that he would have done this. She was the one with the scissors in her hand when I walked down on the scene after all. But, now that I think about it, there were some things that just didn't make sense that I was too upset to be concerned with at the time. Primarily, they had not been left alone for very long and that was a lot of hair for her to cut in that time. She can use the scissors, but not very efficiently. Also, most of her hair was piled up in the middle of the table, and not strewn about the floor around her. And of course, there is the fact that it was a mostly even cut, except for a couple of wisps in the back that were missed. Here I had been thinking all day that it was a good cut for a two-year-old, when apparently it was done by a six-year-old. He has been punished, but I do have to chuckle a bit now when I think about it. He told me, "I just wanted to see if she would like a hair cut." Chris and I, along with her aunt and Grandmas, are sad about the missing locks, but on Scott's behalf, I will say that Anna seems pleased with her new do.

Tuesday returns with a vengeance

Last week I blogged about how I dislike Tuesdays and then last Tuesday turned out to be a pretty dull day. Today I let my guard down and had no expectations for the day, good or bad. I made Scott and Anna lunch and then turned on Balto, which was airing on HBO. Generally a movie we don't own holds their attention pretty well. I had to come upstairs to change Lizzie's diaper. She began to seem drowsy and the older ones were being relatively quiet downstairs so, assuming they were simply enjoying their movie, I held Elizabeth for a bit while she began drifting off to sleep. It was such a nice, peaceful few minutes.

Suddenly I was brought back to reality when Scott excitedly hollered at me from downstairs, "Mom, I can cut my hair!" In a flash I realized what was going on. I had purchased a two-pack of safety scissors (a complete misnomer, as nothing is safe in the hands of a two-year-old) last week, thinking it would be a good idea for the kids to develop good scissor skills. Apparently, Scott had gotten his scissors out, which could only mean that Anna had hers as well.

I know that Scott knows better than to cut his hair so I instantly made the conclusion that he had probably only made one snip to his hair, which he then immediately confessed too. I, correctly, figured that he was only doing this because he was seeing his little sister get away with cutting her own hair. Why he didn't tell on her, I will never understand, as he is a fabulous tattle-tale.

By the time I safely put the baby down and rushed down the stairs, it was too late. Anna had already cut all of her hair, save for two wisps in the back. She cut at least six inches off all the way around.

I was devastated. I admit, I have always been, probably too much, very proud of her beautiful, silky, long blond locks of hair. They are no more. She has given herself a bob. Here are the results.

These were taken immediately after the deed was done.

Here is the result after a bath. It's not nearly as bad as it could be. Actually, for a two-year-old, it's not bad at all. Maybe one day she'll be a beautician. In the meantime, I will still be mourning her beautiful, long rings of gold.