Monday, February 9, 2009

Legos and Doctors

It's been a while since I had a 'real' post. Last week was kind of a busy week. Elizabeth turned two months old; we finally made it to a free family night at the Children's Museum; and the girls had a doctor's appointment.

The first Thursday of each month the Children's Museum in Indy is free from 4-8 pm. We have been meaning to take advantage of this for some time because it is considerable expensive for admission. Last week was perfect timing because they have just opened a new Lego castle display. Scott's two favorite things are Transformers and Legos, so this was a very nice exhibit to see. Aside from having various building stations set up, there were displays of some castles and medieval items made of Legos. The castle shown, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, was my favorite. This is my all-time favorite castle, so I was excited to see that there was a model of it. There were several others and a hedge maze. Also there was a knight that stood about 6 feet tall and a dragon that was just as tall but much broader.

One of the other exhibits they currently have going is a Comic Book Heroes exhibit. It was not a highlight of our trip (there isn't as much interaction, just a bunch of displays), but there was a batmobile that Chris enjoyed seeing. It was one of the nine used in filming of the two most recent movies, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. It was pretty cool looking. The picture didn't turn out great, I apologize. It was so dark in there, I just couldn't get the flash right.

Anna really enjoyed riding the carousel and playing in the tree house. She also says she enjoyed the dinosaurs, but they scared her and she 'cried at daddy.' That is how she has been relaying the events of the night.

Friday, Elizabeth had her two month well-child check and I am pleased to report that she weighed 10lbs 3oz so she has gained almost 4 pounds since she was born. It's always good to confirm that what they eat does more than just come straight out! And she's smiling a lot now and has 'giggled' at me a few times. Chris is joking that he doubts she does this because I am the only one who has heard it. That happens with all the kids. I am here all the time, so I am the first to experience everything, but Chris doesn't think it really counts until he sees it for himself.

Anna also had to get weighed and measured at the doctor last week. Since we had to switch doctors and the new pediatrician hasn't been seeing her since birth, he has been wanting to check her size every couple of months to make sure she is growing well. She's pretty small for her age. Friday she was 33 1/2 inches tall (which is pretty reasonable) and weighed 22 pounds. The doctor was pleased because for the first time since we've been going there, she actually made it up to a line on the growth chart. She is now at the 2nd percentile. I haven't really been too concerned, I figure she's just petite. She actually has grown a bit and gained some weight at each of the four times we've had her in there. And she is our best eater. I could devote a whole blog to how much she loves 'trees.'

Chris is traveling again this week for work. He left this morning for Columbus, OH and won't be back until Thursday or Friday. I do doubt whether I can make it through the week with my sanity! I plan to go up to my mom's tomorrow and stay for a couple of nights. She and my sister live right by each other so it is really nice to spend the time together. The kids love having so much time to play with their cousins.