Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Some things to remember...

I never took the time to record memories when Scott was a toddler, and now I wish I could remember some of the funny things he would do or say. I don't want to make that same mistake with Anna and Lizzie so I thought I would share some little tidbits of childhood sweetness...

When Anna does something for me, I am diligent about saying 'thank you' to her. Because we always say 'you're welcome' to her, when it is her turn, she responds with 'I'm welcome.' I just love that!

We got Anna a new sippy cup that doesn't have a spout, but rather an actual rim all the way around with a hole on one side. Apparently it looks like a travel mug, because she calls it her coffee cup. The first time she asked for it, my immediate thought was, 'I can't believe Chris has been letting her try his coffee!'

Scott has mostly grown beyond the point of simply saying cute things. He's starting to learn about making jokes. However, his sense of humor is still very undeveloped. Or Chris might say, pretty nonexistent. He usually just makes up a little silly story and calls it a joke. This often leaves him rolling in laughter and Chris and I trying to encourage him by forcing some light laughter. Every once in a while, he gets it right though. He was sent down to the couch to put his socks on to get ready to leave the house, and got one sock on but somehow lost track of the second one. When he discovered he was sitting on it, he pulled it out and exclaimed "I think I laid a sock!" This even got Chris laughing.

Oh, as I sit here typing, Scott is playing the Lego Star Wars game and I have just discovered that instead of saying "lever" he says "lover." I should probably correct this before he goes around talking about lovers to other people!

Just thought I'd share some of these with you all! Lizzie will be four months old on Saturday so I will post an update on her with pictures soon!