Friday, February 6, 2009

Ju Ju Be Giveaway

I am addicted to Ju Ju Be bags. They are hands-down the perfect diaper bags. And with so many styles and patterns, they can be used for absolutely anything beyond diapering. You should check them out if you're not familiar. I only have one right now, a Citrus Sorbet BeAll, but DH says I can order more as a new baby/christmas/v-day gift so I am planning on also getting a Midnight Eclipse Packabe and (hopefull) a Blue Bouquet BeSmart. The BeSmarts are being discontinued so you can get them for 40% off at If you like the bags, you will definitely be excited about a giveaway sponsored by LD&D. You can win the BeSet (a set of three small hand bags) in one of the new patterns for summer. Check it out over at From One Mommy to Another's blog.