Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is finally here

Spring officially arrived this weekend, but where has our spring weather gone? Actually, I don't mind the dreary day too much today. We had so much fun outside in the last several days that a lazy Sunday was good for us.

Here are a couple pictures of our fun in the sun. These were from Thursday. It was quite warm in our back yard, which lies on the south side of our house. We have no shelter from the sun back there (no exaggeration--none at all) which is brutal in August, but so perfect for these spring days. It was warm enough for the kids to have shorts on and even get a little pink. They spent most of their day in the sandbox, and after about ten tries, I got a picture of all three of them looking at the camera. Most of the time, when Lizzie would look I would tell Scott and Anna to look. All I was getting from them was an un-enthused 'cheese' without even looking. They are so over smiling for the camera. Finally they obliged.

Aside from digging in the sandbox, Anna spent a lot of time playing tee-ball. That was when she was demanding I take her picture. She had some good shots and burned off a ton of energy chasing down her "bird's-eye singles." I have no idea what that means. :)

This bouncy-horse was a birthday gift for Scott some time ago, but of course Anna has now claimed it. She assumes everything is just hers. Lizzie was desperate for a chance to play with it and when Anna was busy, little sis seized her opportunity. You can see how pleased she was with herself.

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